About us


The PROS brand is the highest quality specialized waterproof clothing, created for the most demanding users, manufactured in the European Union by AJ Group Sp. z o.o. 

The PROS brand includes jackets, coats, trousers, chest waders and waders and plenty of other products intended for many branches of industry, services and hobby market. 

The PROS brand is a protective clothing, made of the highest quality coated materials, natural resources and additions meeting the binding specialist standards, including CE.

The PROS brand is clothing made of original fabrics Plavitex, Aquaproof, Provendex and Rubber, which guarantee the highest quality and 100% satisfaction.

The PROS brand is a professional design and sale service.

The PROS brand is the basis of your success!

AJ Group belongs to the close group of the world leaders

in the production of professional waterproof clothing.

The company has a long tradition in designing and producing waterproof clothing and all of their professional elements. With a view to safety, practicality and comfort of use, 

AJ Group develops technologies for the manufacture of the best materials for clothing production applicable as Personal Protective  Equipment in various conditions in industrial factories, in the field, for municipal services, and also shipping, fishing and angling.

Processes of improvements of the quality of raw materials and manufacturing techniques in laboratories, and then stage of meticulous testing finished products in very difficult conditions, brought new solutions in the field of materials resistant to the action of water.

Plavitex range of fabrics belongs to key fabrics, recognized widely on global markets.

News on the market are highly technologically advanced and attractive in the use series of fabrics: AquaProof, Opalo and Seal Skin.

Specialist waterproof clothings comply with all current standards (in terms of antistatic properties, visibility, fire resistance, resistance to acids and alkalis, and many more). All our products have CE marking.

Our products are manufactured in plants located in the European Union.

Clothing under the brands: PROS and Aquapros are available in many European and world markets.

When you deal with difficult tasks every day - the PROS brand should be always with you.

We are sure that clothing of the brand PROS will meet all your expectations.