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Corporate Social Responsibility:

AJ Group Sp. z o.o. wants to be perceived as a promoter of socially responsible business. We continuously invest in human resources and technology development in harmony with the surrounding environment. Thanks to focusing on our employees and their personal and professional potential we can easily say that they are the soul and engine of the company. We successfully implement solutions that are compatible with the idea of sustainable development. Thanks to technological progress, we optimise existing processes, increase the usefulness of products and energy resources, promote better waste management and thus contribute to environmental protection.

We are happy to respond to the needs of various organisations and communities, which we support through numerous donations and by sponsoring social events and campaigns. Along with the constant growth and development of the company, we develop our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, which define our identity as a modern, sensitive company that operates with an awareness of its impact on the environment.

We invest in our people and their career

Inwestujemy w pracowników

We care about nature

Dbamy o naturę

We implement innovations

Wdrażamy innowacje

We integrate the community

Integrujemy środowiska

We support organisations

Wspieramy organizacje

The future is already here!

We use only the best materials for our rainwear. Quality that is good for you and the environment is the basis for the choice of materials for our rainwear. By acting in accordance with REACH and California Prop 65 guidelines, we reduce the risks that existed in the past with the use of perfluorinated substances.

This is why we use Plavitex, a PVC-coated material that is free of the banned plasticizer phthalates. Its components have been selected in such a way as to comply with the requirements concerning harmlessness to users and environmental protection. The material is manufactured in the European Union and tested in accredited laboratories, thus meeting all applicable EU and US standards. Tests have shown that Plavitex has the best properties as a base for rainwear and protective clothing as it is completely waterproof, durable and easy to maintain. Plavitex is a material which is harmless for the user in the sense of the European Parliament’s Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment. It does not contain any of the banned nitrogen dyes (arylamines). Its pH value is in the range indifferent to the skin of the user and contact does not cause allergic reactions. The material shows good resistance to UV radiation but like many other materials it naturally ages faster if stored in direct sunlight.

The material from which our products are manufactured is resistant to negative temperatures, long-term use in winter conditions during severe frost, without causing significant changes to its surface. For strictly industrial applications, the content of components included in the PVC mix may be modified by special additives allowing to obtain additional functions such as anti-static, fire retardant or chemical resistance.

In the interest of environmental protection, we have just completed the first phase of construction of our own solar power plant. Its final effect will be complete energy independence in terms of electric and thermal power, necessary for the production and more efficient and effective functioning of the entire building. We are implementing this investment exclusively with our own financial resources. The innovative technological solutions implemented in the production process have a significant impact on reducing electricity consumption.

TRIPLE WELDING – (triple welding) improved electrode rod for joining clothing materials, special grooves milled on the heating edge to increase melting and welding of PVC layers into one mass;

ONE BEAT TECHNOLOGY – a specially designed welding head with movable electrode parts enabling joining of parts with only one HF pulse/movement.

The future is already here. Choose high-quality PROS rainwear made of Plavitex – a PVC-coated material that is phthalate-free and friendly to you and the environment!