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Our largest and oldest brand of waterproof clothing is recognized and valued in many countries around the world. The logo with the paw appears on jackets, coats, capes, trousers, waders, waders, overalls, aprons and other products for various industries, services and hobbyists. PROS products are made of the best, certified PVC-coated materials. They meet all currently applicable specialist European requirements and standards.



Anyone who practices outdoor activities knows how important solid and waterproof clothing is. The PROS SPORTS WATERPROOF WEAR clothing collection is a combination of high-quality materials with the latest technologies of seamless joining of elements. Modern design, lightweight construction and avant-garde solutions ensure comfort of use and effective protection in any weather – both during training and everyday recreation.

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We are all part of nature and we should all take care of it. That is why BE MORE GREEN was created – a brand of the highest quality, exclusive waterproof clothing, made in accordance with the idea of healthy functioning in nature. In this way, we want to shape the awareness of care for the environment. Inside the package, together with the purchased clothing, the buyer will find a sachet with pine seeds, from which he can sow his own trees and contribute to the fight against climate change.


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The brand “Piece of Love” is a piece of our heart. We have created a collection of stylish and designing handbags addressed to women who need a practical and timeless accessory for every style. “Piece of Love” handbags are varied: classic, elegant but also extravagant. Whether you are going out on the town tapping your high heels or running in sneakers, our handbags will perfectly fit into your style. While working on the collection we thought about nature. We are close to the ideas of zero waste and slow fashion, so our bags are created “from leftovers and without leftovers” in small series and sometimes in unique patterns and copies. A certificate of authenticity of the product with the unique number of the short series is waiting for you in each ecological carton.

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The online store is a perfect place for those looking for real bargains. Our extensive offer of professional waterproof clothing is constantly verified and updated with new products, hence the end of the series, or full-value models withdrawn from traditional distribution and intended for warehouse sales, can be offered in this store, at the absolutely lowest prices on the market. means guaranteed satisfaction and savings for your pocket. The store’s offer is available only to customers from the Republic of Poland.

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