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Ponchos PROS will help protect nature


The recent series of ecological disasters on rivers showed the importance of proper water status control. Among other things, community fishing guards played a huge role in removing their effects. Our company decided to donate a set of capes free of charge to the fishermen of the PZW No. 41 from Konin.

A dozen or so guards perform social service in the waters in the vicinity of Konin administered by the circle, paying attention to any violations of the law by those relaxing by the water. In particular, traces of contamination that may potentially pose an ecological threat are under special supervision. The donated capes will help in better and more effective patrolling of the areas by the water, especially during unfavorable weather conditions.

– Caring for the natural environment is one of the values ​​enshrined in the AJ Group’s mission, which is why we are happy to support initiatives and activities aimed at nature protection. We help because we believe that the work of the guards contributes to the safety of our waters – says Tomasz Kwaśny, investment director at AJ Group.